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Antivirus & Security


Antivirus & Security

System security is something we take very seriously. Our approach is to protect your network from day 1 against vulnerabilities and malware attacks using proven Enterprise products. We continue to update and monitor the security systems as part of our maintenance and support contracts.



With the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 the business community is now faced with the reality of heavy fines in the event of a data breach.

Trend Micro and Bit Defender Enterprise security products are continually updated with the latest pattern files 24/7 from a secure, cloud based portal and allow you to scan and control removable USB storage. Any threats are reported back to our support team so we can isolate and fix the problem.

We work with partners in the Security industry so give us a call if you need any advise or have any concerns about IT security.



Malware protection is essential but if a threat can be removed before it gets inside the perimeter then that threat no longer exists. The UTM firewalls we deploy from Stormshield and SonicWALL offer advanced gateway protection to detect and remove threats from email and internet browsing and ensure that all downloaded content is safe and secure.

Our SPAM filtering options use a similar approach as infected emails, spam content and randomly targeted messages are dropped by cloud.