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Case Studies

Case Studies



Force 4 Chandlery were one of Richard's first customers back in 2003 and are now being managed by IT Protocol.

From humble beginnings Force 4 are now a leading retailer in the Marine Industry with over 15 sites across England and Wales. The challenge for ITP has been to manage the rapid growth which has lead to pressure on the IT resources.

With the company's operations running out of a rural location with poor comms links the warehouse systems were moved to a data centre in 2015 to improve business continuity and host a new stock and order management suite.

Lawrence Parr - Force 4's managing director is one of the driving forces behind the changes - "In 2015 we were looking to expand our distribution business but were held back by our IT systems. We have always had a strong partnership with ITP and Richard delivered the hosting platform we required to move our operations"

ITP are currently working on a disaster recovery project to add a hot standby site into the business.


In 2017 our Oxfordshire based client needed to roll out a program of infrastructure changes to modernise and improve business continuity for a mobile workforce. One of the key objectives set out by the client was to bring a hosted Citrix platform back "in-house" using a secure remote access platform.

IT Protocol set about the task of moving the infrastructure from Microsoft Hyper V to VMWare on 2 new hosts with a 3rd host providing backup in a data centre.

With the network platform secured and easier to manage the IT department  were able to quickly deploy new servers  and extend the infrastructure into all areas of the business.

Since the initial engagement ITP have helped the company to deploy a new network infrastructure, set up an RDS solution, provided new high availability firewalls to 2 sites, set up a secure data vault, improved the wireless network services and integrated other sites within the business.


One of our key clients, a stately home in London, host a number of high end corporate events and weddings as well as a major international exhibition.

The site is a listed building built in the 15th Century so we were excited about being commissioned to deliver an internet solution to support events of up to 20,000 people.

A complete overhaul was required and the project was split into 4 or 5 phases across the summer. As well as managing the contractors, external service providers and liaising with the management team we brought in new fibre links and a fully redundant network solution within the grounds to provide a high availability solution.

The end result is a fully operational 1Gb Fibre service available to the business and can potentially deliver internet services anywhere within the 200 acre site

In 2018 the site continues to grow with the addition of prestige apartments which, in turn, puts more demand on the resources. Of course everyone at ITP is looking forward to the new challenges this will bring.