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Mail Solutions

Mail Solutions

Messaging and collaboration is a key component of any organisation. IT Protocol deploy both on-premise and cloud based mail solutions to support the mobile workforce and offer migration services to Office 365.



Cloud hosted email such as Office 365 hosted exchange can be accessed from anywhere 24/7 and with a built in spam filter is a quick, ready made solution. It is accessible via a web browser or through Microsoft Outlook. 365 offers some of the management features of on-premise mail servers and is purchased on a monthly plan.

For companies that don’t want to be tied down to Microsoft products Gmail for business is a viable solution and can be managed and accessed through the chrome web browser.



Microsoft Exchange provides an integrated on-premise solution for messaging, collaboration, calendars and task management. Despite the lure of 365 some organisations have reverted back to Exchange, especially where there is a large amount of internal mail and also for security reasons.