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VMWare 6.7 what's new ?

vSphere 6.7 continues to improve on the industry leading vSphere 6.5.

A lot of the effort is focused on managing the infrastructure under a 'single pane of glass' and includes the vCenter Server Hybrid Linked Mode & the Enhanced Linked Mode for the platform services controller.

The hybrid linked mode provides a unified view of multiple systems such as a vCentre managed on-premise environment alongside a public cloud infrastructure. For the on-premise version there is more flexibility and availability between the vCentre server and platform services controller eliminating the need for a load balancer.

In 6.7 VMWare have focused on improving vCentre performance and the new html 5 interface is moving a step closer to replacing the flash based web client. With many vendors and site builders moving away from flash this has to happen but system admins face the challenge of navigating around a new style management tool.

Elsewhere more granular options are being introduced and TPM 2.0 hardware is now supported to enhance security.

Richard Petty