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Meraki - affordable and robust wi-fi and security

If you’re looking for a managed wireless solution then Meraki is excellent value. Owned by comms giant cisco, Meraki provide a range of internal and external wireless access points for small or large deployments.

The ‘zero-configuration’, cloud managed option provides a platform for rapid deployment. Its easily scalable to increase coverage or provide a one-off service for an event.

Wireless access points are limited by range so when additional units are deployed it can be challenging to roam between them without losing connectivity. Traditional solutions provide a master or ‘controller’ unit to manage the authentication or a separate RADIUS server has to be deployed which is costly in terms of time and resource. The Meraki approach is to handle all the authentication via the cloud allowing users to pass seamlessly from 1 AP to another with no loss of signal or performance.

Other products in the Meraki range include cloud managed switches and firewalls.

Richard Petty