IT Protocol





IT Protocol set up and manage virtual solutions for our clients both on-premise and in the cloud. VMWare offers a number of benefits over the traditional server and is our best selling operating system platform. We have the tools and experience to migrate your existing physical or virtual estate onto a vSphere platform and here are some of the benefits of moving to a a virtual environment.

  • Scalable solution

  • Modular

  • Lower carbon footprint & smaller physical footprint

  • Quick recovery from a major outage

  • Faster provisioning times

  • Support for Disaster recovery in conjunction with VEAAM backup

  • Snapshot technology ideal for build/tear down environments such as training and test&dev platforms

  • High Availability

Why move to VMWare ? Are you experiencing problems with unreliable hardware or performance issues ? Or simply looking to consolidate all of your legacy hardware onto a single platform to save space and tidy up the clutter ? Or you may have an alternative to VMWare and are looking to move across - we can answer these questions and much more. There are many use cases for VMWare but if you are not sure then give us a call to discuss your project.

Is VMWare expensive ? Some would say its re-assuringly expensive but you don’t have to move everything on day 1. An essentials hypervisor license is affordable and is aimed at small organisations looking to take the first steps onto a virtual platform. Here at IT protocol we want to build a long term relationship with our clients so we are happy to discuss a project plan to spread the implementation costs.